Addiction Treatment in Wales

Alcohol, drug and addiction rehab centres in Wales

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We work with several addiction treatment providers throughout Wales, who provide tailored addiction treatment programmes for people suffering from drug dependency, alcohol addiction, depression, trauma or eating disorders.

Our counselling team will assess your requirements and help you to find the treatment programme and facility that is best for you.

Below is a list of our partners.

Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centre – North Wales

This treatment centre owns 11 acres of land surrounded by the lakes and forests of the Snowdonian mountains. It offers a challenging and structured programme that includes group therapy, one-to-one counselling, an educational programme of lectures and DVDs, individually designed assignments, yoga and relaxation sessions, gardening and environmental workshops. It also offers patients access to AA/NA meetings.

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Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centre – South Wales

This treatment centre offers a free assessment in order to develop a treatment plan for each patient. Patients will work on a programme based on a CBT approach, developed to nurture personal growth. The programme includes one-to-one counselling, group work, lectures, written work, some separate men’s and women’s groups and small shared group chores. It also offers group aftercare meetings in Cardiff and one-to-one meetings at the centre. A family programme runs every fortnight.

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Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centre – Bristol

Set in a tranquil environment of over four acres of serene landscaped gardens, the treatment centre operates out of a recently restored house dating back to the 18th century. The addiction treatment facility has an excellent reputation for residential rehabilitation treatment and offers support services for people suffering from drug dependency and alcohol addiction in the UK. This 22-bed treatment centre is open to all those suffering substance abuse over the age of 13 years. The centre is situated on spacious and tranquil grounds in the South West and South Wales region.

The treatment centre offers 22 en-suite rooms with access to mobile phones, television, radio and newspapers. Patient care begins with an initial free assessment and is followed with a concise 4-week programme based on the 12 step method, incorporating detox, one-to-one counselling and group therapy. Small intimate groups of 6-12 are preferred in this centre. Family support consists of family meetings every Thursday evening. An aftercare programme takes place every Thursday evening for a 12-month period.

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