Painkiller Addiction

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We work with a number of different patients who are addicted to prescription drugs and painkillers. Patients frequently find that they have developed a dependency on painkillers following the prescription of medication from their GP.

Patients find that the NHS is not necessarily able to offer them the level of help that they require and they often turn to us for other options for treatment and support.

At Recover, we will work closely with you to find the best painkiller addiction treatment available. Our advice is confidential, impartial, and provided by a qualified therapist.

What are painkillers?
Painkillers are legal drugs, provided that people have been prescribed them by them their GP or have bought them over the counter – this does not however mean that they are not highly addictive. Patients develop both emotional and physical dependencies on painkillers and frequently require a medically assisted detox if they wish to stop using.

These drugs are often prescribed to induce sedation and sleep, treat anxiety and muscle spasms and to prevent or cease seizures. In high doses these types of drugs will act as a hypnotic and in low doses symptoms are similar to that of a sedative.

Do you have an addiction to painkillers?
  • Have you tried to cut down or stop your drug use with little to no success?
  • Do you feel guilty about your drug use
  • Do you use painkillers in secret from family and loved ones?
  • Have you had legal or financial difficulties as a result of your drug use?
  • Has your drug use been the cause of arguments between you and your loved one?
  • Do you worry about trying to stop taking painkillers?
  • Do you have to take other drugs in order to cope with the side effects of the painkillers?
  • Have you suffered withdrawal symptoms as a result of ceasing your drug use?
  • Do you continue to use in spite of increasingly serious negative consequences?

If you think you or a loved one is affected by prescription drug addiction then we can help. At Recover, we work with the UK’s top private rehab centres, counsellors and therapists. We find the best available painkiller addiction treatment – today.

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