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At Recover Now we have set fees for all our services.  We do, however, hold a number of places for people who are not in a position to afford to pay the full rate.  If you would like to enquire about our subsidised fee service then please call us 07976247833 to ask for a reduced fee application form.

Counselling services:
Clinical assessment One to one therapy Couples therapy Group therapy Body work
50min = £110 50min = £90 50min = £100 120min = £60 90min = £30
- - - 90min = £50 -
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One to one assessment One to one session
90min = £70 60min = £55
Nutritional Support:
Initial assessment Follow up session Check-in session
60min = £90 60min = £70 30min = £40

For confidential help and advice call Recover Now today on 07976247833